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Dear Friend,

As you might know, I am a full time Internet Marketer. If you know JP, even a little bit, you know that he is involved in Social Networks and its impact on the future of the Net. These are often referred to as Web 2.0.

Being a full time Internet Marketer myself means I have to find new and effective promotional techniques almost on a daily basis!

Squidoo.com is a powerful Web 2.0 site that We use for completely free advertising.

Ads on this site reach many thousands of people per month, and claim TOP Google rankings for some of the most sought after keywords.

I use this powerful site to make money, and build massive mailing lists.

Are YOU using FREE Squidoo.com advertising to make money on the internet yet?

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You're missing out on one of the most powerful free advertising mediums that has ever hit the internet.

Allow me to explain more about Squidoo: Squidoo at this moment is one of the fastest growing social networks on the internet.  For several months now, JP has successfully been using this website's free advertising to:

  • Greatly expand my affiliate marketing business
  • Build huge lists
  • Generate awesome amount of targeted traffic to my websites
  • Claim top rankings in Google for highly competitive keywords in a matter of hours

I'm here to show you EXACTLY how he does this his exclusive book:

SQUIDOO Profits : Step by step guide on how to make money using 100% fREE advertising

Squidoo.com is a social networking site that is designed to be a resource for people looking for information.  Squidoo's users are called "Lensmasters" and their websites are called "Lenses."

There are a small but growing number of affiliate marketers that have started to utilize Squidoo's awesome power to drive traffic and make money.

Personally, I have been using Squidoo for some time, but not as I should have been.  JP has been using it to make money for many months now, and Squidoo is now an integral part of his affiliate marketing business (and will be mine too ;).

JP told me, "Through several months of intense Squidoo experimenting, I have developed a most concise and efficient strategy to churn out lenses, get them ranked highly on Google, and write ad copy that converts traffic to sales in amazing ratios.

I also have developed an incredibly effective opt-in list building strategy that will bring you of targeted and high-quality leads."

The earnings potential with his strategies are unlimited.  By generating a large list, and generating massive traffic with each lens, you can make as much as you put into this method.

Let me give you an example of how powerful Squidoo is:

When you type "Free iPod Downloads" on Google, what shows up?

Type in "Free PSP Game Downloads"

Did you notice anything?

For these highly competitive keywords, there are Squidoo lenses on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE!

Are these lenses getting traffic?

You bet they are!  They're probably getting 300+unique visitors per day, per lens AT LEAST.

There are many more keywords that Squidoo lenses have been dominating.

Google LOVES Squidoo

And that's where the guide comes in

I am going to share with you EVERY SECRET on how to get your lenses on Google's first page for HIGHLY COMPETITIVE keywords....

Keywords that have 50,000+ optimized competing results.

Now that is some POWER. 

I'm also going to show you how to:

  • Write Lens Ad-Copy That Converts To Sales Like Crazy
  • Avoid Having Your Lenses Marked As Spam/Deleted
  • Use Social Bookmarking To Drive Insane Traffic
  • Generate A Huge E-Mail List With Squidoo
  • Have Your Lenses Indexed By Google In Hours
  • Select A Niche That Converts On Squidoo
  • Select Keywords That Will Drive Massive Traffic
  • Churn Out Lenses By The Dozen Per Day

And Much More!

And, as Squidoo grows more and more, the potential just gets bigger and bigger!

You will find "Squidoo Profits Guide" both fun and easy, and you'll be shocked at how quickly traffic pours in.

I have designed my strategies with efficiency as the #1 priority. That means, the only strategies I suggest are the proven and tested, the only recommendations I make are recommendations that worked for me.

Whether you have been failing at affiliate marketing, or if you are a successful marketer looking to expand your business, you simply can not afford to miss out on the information in "The Complete Squidoo Marketing Guide." 

In this guide I will share with you the exact secrets of successful Squidoo marketing, and save you countless hours of research and experimentation. 

My strategies are the ones which I have used myself, I leave absolutely nothing out. 

There is currently no resource that reveals as many secrets, tricks, and tips that I do about Squidoo marketing.

My book is not filled with generalizations and dreams that other marketing books so often use.

My book is filled with SPECIFIC STEP BY STEP DETAILS on how to establish a Steady income stream with Squidoo... in no time.

You learn tons of incredible secrets and strategies.  You'll learn how to:


  • Quickly Create Dozens Of High PR Backlinks
  • Use RSS To Boost Traffic
  • Create An Amazing Opt-In Incentive From Scratch
  • Select The Right Modules
  • Be Viewed As An Expert On Your Niche
  • Apply Dozens Of Time Saving Secrets
  • Spy On Your CompetitionUse Ezinearticles.com For Product/Keyword Research
  • Get Your Lens Back On Google's First Page If It Falls Off
  • tart A Service Business With Squidoo


I assume you know nothing about marketing on Squidoo, I offer you step-by-step details on how to set up Squidoo marketing campaigns, from the point of keyword/product research, all the way up to the final touches.

I know your time is valuable, and I have consolidated my step-by-step strategy for the absolute highest efficiency.

This will allow you to continue your other obligations while trying out Squidoo at the same time.

Hundreds of people have purchased...

... And are Now benefiting from its simple and Direct Methods To teaching people how to make money with Squidoo.


But Wait! We've decided to go completely naked on this one!

Bonus #1: 

Bonus Guide - How To Easily Dominate EzineArticles With Squidoo

A $97.00 Value

Find how you can dominate EzineArticles on (almost) any keyword using simple Squidoo tactics...(12 pages...but a true gold nugget)

Bonus #2: 

Bonus Guide - How To Build A Massive List With Squidoo

A $97.00 Value

This is my favorite bonus, and once you see it you'll know why.  This bonus is easily worth the value of the whole course by itself, and many times over.  I will teach you how to build huge e-mail opt-in lists with Squidoo, a strategy which will undoubtedly bring you income for months and months down the road.

I could easily sell a list building course like this for $97.00 + dollars, but its yours FREE when you purchase "SQUIDOO Profits"


Bonus #3: 

Bonus Guide - Idea Tank : 15 hot niches on SQUIDOO

A $97.00 Value

As if it isn't enough that we take you by the hand through setting up a campaign, I give you 15 Hot Niches to get you started on your Squidoo marketing efforts.

Once you see sales with these 15 Hot Niches and have experience, you can branch off and start experimenting with other niches.

These niches ideas have come from months upon months of research, and JP can easily sell product research data like this for $97+ dollars!

We can't guarantee you'll make money, but there's a 99.99%, that if you implement this step-by-step game plan, YOU WILL PROFIT.

How much you make is UP TO YOU.

You're getting the tools, all you have to do is put them to work. 

We're telling you exactly what to do, how to do it, and what works.

Once you get some experience with designing lenses, it will take you very little time to make them over and over. Money is in the system...

If you don't believe it now, once you utilize my techniques, and start to see sales ring in, you'll believe it then.

I now offer you the opportunity to expand your marketing efforts into a brand new arena that relatively few marketers have touched.

also, what about...

100% Money Back Guarantee!


I am so confident in The "SQUIDOO PROFITS" Guide and Bonuses, that if for any reason you are not satisfied, you have up to 4 weeks to return the products for an unconditional no questions asked refund! Just give the strategy a shot, that's all we ask.  If you aren't making money with it, I'll happily refund you, no questions asked.

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