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From: Bo Bengtsson



Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer,


Why do so many network marketers today fail at playing in their own turf?


There's a good reason for that: the vast majority of people who attempt network marketing are so blindly driven towards earning money that they forget to consider the human element. Incidentally, it is the only thing that really matters in building a successful network marketing business.


In fact, most people who are in network marketing today haven't even tried the products they attempt to sell or attempt to get other people to sell. This is nowhere more apparent than on forums, where a new network marketer will often post a signature that urges readers to join his network.


Yet, at the same time, he'll make a post asking if the network he is already promoting is any good. This instantly reduces his credibility to zero.


Sounds completely bizarre? But it happens on a fairly regular basis.


In Network Marketing, It's VERY Dangerous
To Be Just Average.


So what makes network marketers "just average"? While part of it often has to do with effort and consistency, the most important thing that average network marketers miss is...




They concentrate on small targets and small goals and never put the entire network into perspective. Here are some examples of goals that could keep a network marketer "average," when they could be wildly successful:

  • Disorganization. As a network marketer, you will likely have to manage dozens of contacts, hundreds of customers (if it is your product), and all sorts of payment and scheduling information. If you want to be successful, you must have a clear, workable system for every activity you engage in.
  • Marginal Focus. While the small gains are important too - in fact, they will make up the bulk of your activities as a network marketer - it is more important to focus on big gains, which take more work, but when achieved, will completely gain how your network functions. An average network marketer often wont see beyond what is marginal.
  • Unrealistic Goals. This almost always kills anyone who attempts to create a network or start an Internet business: they set unrealistic goals and attempt to achieve them in an unrealistic period of time. The end result is a complete disaster.

Why Give In To Being Average When You Can
Join The Ranks Of TOP Networkers?


The major difference between most successful and unsuccessful network marketers is that successful network marketers have gained significant leverage over a long period of time.

It's often easier said than done, however. And that's exactly why you should be reading every line of this letter.

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  • How to jumpstart your networking marketing business explosively!

  • How to be a top seller, raking in BIG bucks from your company's products without having to lose friends and scare people away in the process!

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  • The one critical factor that can make your network marketing business sink or swim!

  • How to enforce your email letters with powerful post-scripts at the end of your letters!

And so much more! This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Think about it:

  • You can now escape the statistic of failures and average networkers who are achieving meager success in this line.
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Now isn't $47.00 a pitiful investment when you can expect rewards like above?

A Quick Disclaimer: if you purchase this audio course and do nothing with the information I reveal to you within its pages, you get just that - nothing. And if that happens to be your plan, please, leave this copy for the next person.


And Another Thing: I record this audio course from the perspective of a neutral. In other words, you won't find me endorsing any particular network marketing company in hopes of you joining under my downline or things like that. I'm an avid network marketer like you and I respect your standing.


But one thing is for sure: My success ingredients and explosive jumpstart success guide to applies to YOU with little regards of which company you flag under.

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Warmest Regards,
Bo Bengtsson


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